Conference Recordings

Recording your meetings

Recording your meeting is easy. How to start and stop a recording depends on your call type.

Express Event


If you're scheduling an event, you need to order recording when scheduling your event.

Your recording will be sent by the helpdesk according to the order.

Cisco Webex Meetings


If you are in a WebEx meeting, it's best to click Recording through the WebEx interface. This will capture BOTH the audio and visual streams of the meeting. See the WebEx user guides for more information.



Self-paced training

Help desk


For help during your call key *0
Important note for Cisco audio users ›

  • US toll free
    1 888 433 0995
  • US toll
    +1 617 786 4211
  • UK freefone
    0800 636 568
  • UK direct
    +44 (0)20 7402 0615
  • Asia Pacific direct
    +852 3011 4956