MeetMe Web Portal

Join, monitor, and control conferences from your desktop with MeetMe Web Portal so your meetings are more effective and easier to manage. All you need to log in is your email address and a valid Reservationless MeetMe passcode. Both chairpersons and participants can use this to see who is in the meeting and have easy access to call controls.

Launch the web portal by going to or clicking Launch web portal in the 'Quick links' section.


All the same in-call controls, such as *6 for mute, are available as buttons so you don't have to remember keypad combinations.

Benefits for chairpersons

  • See who is in the call and how many participants.
    • Participants can now link their phone line to their name on the web portal on their phone. (Participants will need to enter the *9 identity token on their phones.)
    • You no longer need to remember someone's number to know who they are.
  • See who is speaking.
  • Easy access to in-call controls such as call lock and mute/unmute.
  • Easily look up dial-in numbers for late participants.
  • Easily send email invites directly from the web portal.

Benefits for participants

  • Easily find your local dial-in number if the chairperson forgot to include it.
  • See who is in the call and how many participants.
    • Link your phone line to your name on the web portal so the chairperson knows it's you. (You will need to enter the *9 identity token on your phone.)
    • Reveal the identity token any time by hovering your mouse over the red alert icon .
  • See who is speaking.
  • Mute/unmute your own line with the click of a button.



Self-paced training

Help desk


For help during your call key *0
Important note for Cisco audio users ›

  • US toll free
    1 888 433 0995
  • US toll
    +1 617 786 4211
  • UK freefone
    0800 636 568
  • UK direct
    +44 (0)20 7402 0615
  • Asia Pacific direct
    +852 3011 4956